understand fast-talking Spanish

how to understand fast-talking Spanish native speakers


⭐️ Learning how to understand native Spanish speakers is the key to speaking it in a natural way ⭐️
⭐️ More than 70 pages of exercises to improve your Spanish listening skills and improve your fluency ⭐️
⭐️ 10 self-study lessons. Real-life clips from native speakers to improve the pace of your understanding ⭐️



Listen to the audio and transcribe what you are hearing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t catch it all, just try to focus.


Compare your answer to the key. Read the explanations so you understand what you missed and why. Sometimes natives replace sounds, add sounds, remove sounds or words can even be joined together.


Now, try to recognize the  new patterns you learned about connected speech in the next task. Track your progress!


Are you at an upper intermediate or advanced level but you can’t understand Spanish natives when they speak fast?
What use is all that Spanish vocabulary and grammar if you can’t understand a conversation? It’s time to fit in with native speakers in a real context!
I know how you feel. I have studied English for 20 years and I wish this program existed for me years ago. It was really frustrating to not fully enjoy my favorite TV shows in English.
Sometimes you need to put your Spanish textbooks aside and start listening to real world conversations. I want you to start feeling more confident in watching Spanish movies, listening to podcasts or meeting your Spanish friends at the bar.
To improve your understanding of fast spoken Spanish you need to go beyond passive listening and start training your ears. The best way to learn is actively: processing the information consciously. 
That’s why I created the course ACTIVA TU ESPAÑOL. I have developed  effective activities for you and put them in a progressive 10 lesson program. A simple action-oriented experience that fits easily into your day. 
A real workout for the brain!





understand fast-talking Spanish 3
You’ll find 3 levels and 3 worksheets with a video clip for each level, plus 2 free bonus lessons (1 lesson with Pedro Almodovar and 50 dictations with daily expressions).
It’s a progression of 10 lessons that gradually introduce you to new challenges for non-native speakers.
Each lesson will explain common patterns that make it easy to understand fast-talking native speakers. You will learn when and how sounds disappear, change, or are even added to speech. 
After taking this course you will…
🔸 Know why and where natives replace sounds, add sounds, remove sounds and join words
🔸 Recognize main accent differences between Spain and South America
🔸 Learn filler words that makes you sound more natural
🔸 Improve your fluency. Learning how to understand native Spanish speakers is the key to speaking it in a natural way
🔸 Feel more confident when you talk to native speakers

¡Qué ejercicios más divertidos! Cada worksheet es diferente y las explicaciones te ayudan a hacer el ejercicio progresivamente. Me ha enseñado una nueva forma de trabajar yo mismo.

Richard – USA


Nunca he hecho un curso similar y me ha encantado. Es un nuevo reto para mí porque siempre estoy frustrado porque no puedo entender a los españoles pero con este curso puedo ver los resultados rápidamente y aprender a escuchar.

Ursula – Suiza

👍🏼 This course is for you if:
  • you have at least an upper intermediate or advanced level (B2 or C1)
  • you want to sound more natural in your spoken Spanish
  • enjoy Spanish culture: tv shows, talks, movies…
  • want to test yourself with challenging exercises
👎🏼 This course is NOT for you if:
  • you are a beginner or you have a low intermediate level  (A1 or A2)
  • you understand Spanish native speakers perfectly
  • you want to focus on grammar
  • you don’t like Spanish culture


¡Hola! My name is Alicia López and I am a Spanish teacher. I have been a Spanish language teacher for 20 years.  I have helped thousands of people learn Spanish since 2001 with my online Spanish lessons, my blog posts and my Youtube channel.
To speak like a native it is really important to learn how to listen, not only to understand the meaning, but also to learn proper pronunciation and fluent speech.
You may have studied the language for years, but you still find it difficult to maintain a fluent conversation. 
I have developed “ACTIVA TU ESPAÑOL” to teach you effective listening strategies that enable you to decode common expressions in conversation.


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How to understand fast-talking Spanish


🔸10 downloadable worksheets divided by difficulty level 

🔸More than 70 pages with exercises to improve your Spanish listening skills 

🔸Real examples from TV shows and movies with today’s Spanish personalities

🔸2 free bonus assignments with dictations to keep practicing