Available Spanish courses

Take any of these Spanish courses from the list below and start learning today with our self-paced learning system. You can repeat difficult exercises and lessons to improve your skills as a steady pace.
Stay in the tune! We are working on more Spanish courses!

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  • escucha activa portada


    45,00 ENROLL NOW

    From an intermediate level. “Activa tu español” is a program to train your ears and improve your listening. Nine worksheets will help you to understand native speakers when they speak fast. Check it out and try a free sample.


  • las oraciones de relativo


    0,00 ENROLL NOW

    La oraciones de relativo – Free course. A complete lesson in Spanish for intermediate levels (B1 y B2). You can find theory, a video lesson and some exercises.

  • how to improve the spanish accent

    Spanish Pronunciation Course

    59,00 ENROLL NOW

    If you want to speak Spanish more clearly, this course can help you achieve your goal of improving your Spanish pronunciation.